Adult Kickboxing Drills

  Adult and Junior Beginner technique:

Yay!!! you made it here from our super-secret hidden button!  This is the beginning of our on-line content.  It's something we've thought about for a long time, something we've wanted to do for a long time and now we have the impetus to get er done!

For now, we are trying to keep this simple and straight-forward.  Click on a button to view a video then close the newly opened tab to return to our web site for additional video.  You can play the content and practice when it's convenient for you.  Play, pause, rewind, slow it down and watch the video as many times as you like.  I would urge Junior students to be patient and not work ahead of your level.  Also, work the technique in order.  Once you have practiced long and hard you can impress us with those skills and then we can move you ahead when the time is right.  While you are working from home we would love to see short video of you practicing.  Ask your mom or dad to record you and send it to us.

We hope you enjoy this new addition to our dojo and find the information useful.  Our goal is to continually add to the content so you can use it as a 'library" that you can refer back to anytime you need to.

  Adult - Waza 21-33 (coming soon) and Junior - Waza 21 - 26

  TEAM PKKA Highlands Ranch Sparring and Kata drills


Peoples Kenpo Karate Highlands Ranch Online Curriculum

  Adult and Junior Kickboxing Basics (Jr's intermediate and above)