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Kenpo/Kajukenbo is a combination of several martial arts with traditional and contemporary influences.  Our style, Hawaiian Kenpo, originated with our Great Grand Master Mutsuto “Bill” Ryusaki who grew up in Hawaii and moved to the mainland to teach his art.  Sensei Bill is no longer with us however, we proudly continue to teach the art and techniques he created so many years ago.

  • Karate - empty hand employing traditional strikes, blocks, kicks, movement and footwork
  • Judo – the “Gentle Way” using throws and takedowns to subdue an opponent with a submission
  • Jiu Jitsu – the “Gentle Art”, the groundwork and natural progression of Judo used to neutralize an opponent with the use of joint locks and choke holds.
  • Kenpo – the “Law of the Fist”, closing the gap on your opponent and using hard strikes, kicks, circular movement and joint locking/breaking techniques.
  • Kickboxing – the combination of Western boxing and Muay Thai.

We teach to three age groups, 3 ½ to 5 year olds, 6 – 12 years and our adult group which is 13 years and up.  Regardless of the age group everyone is learning Kenpo from the day they step onto the mats.  The intensity and duration of the instruction will vary by age group but we will get you moving the day your training begins and most of all, teach you how to relax and have fun!  Along the way you will notice you’re getting in better shape and your self esteem and confidence will grow with every class.  Your progression through the system is a special journey that passes very quickly.  As your instructors we are proud and honored to be a part of that journey and have the opportunity to work with you.