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TEAM PKKA Highlands Ranch

Competition, camaraderie, hard work and the desire to test yourself and the skills you learn in class.  That’s what TEAM PKKA is all about.  Come join our team and get a taste of sport karate tournament competition.  At TEAM PKKA we meet twice a week to provide in depth instruction to prepare you for competition in both forms and point fighting.  With hard work and commitment there is also the opportunity to become a member of our National TEAM and travel to tournaments around the country. 

Locally PKKA Highlands Ranch is a member of and we compete in the Colorado Karate Association (CKA).  There are typically 5-6 tournaments every season where you can compete for a CKA State Championship.  We also travel out of state and compete in National Black Belt (NBL) tournaments for those of you who really want to get a taste for National competition and perhaps make a run at a World Championship.

It is our pleasure to share our experience and passion of sport karate with you and we hope you consider giving TEAM PKKA a try!

This year's Colorado Karate Association tournament schedule is:

  • Saturday, March 4th - CKA Season Opener, Parker Fieldhouse
  • Saturday, April 15 - RAGE, Parker Fieldhouse
  • Saturday, June 3 - Summer Fistival, Parker Fieldhouse
  • Saturday, August 5th - Summer Jam, Fort Collins, CO
  • Saturday, October 7th - CKA Season Finale, Loveland, CO

If you want to get involved in team and individual sport karate competition come talk to us!