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Ryu Dojo Hawaiian Kenpo

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Welcome to Peoples Kenpo Karate Highlands Ranch as we celebrate our 10 year anniversary!  This is a special time for us.  When we started our dojo in 2009 there was no way we could predict where we would be in 10 years.  From our beginning as a rec center program, to outgrowing it and moving into our current space, it has been quite a journey.  Over the last decade we have promoted our own Black Belts, trained over 70 Colorado Karate Association (CKA) State Champions and for the last two years we have promoted our own CKA tournament, the Colorado Classic.  All things that were hard to imagine 10 years ago when our focus was strictly on teaching.  Yes, we still teach Great Grand Master Mutsuto "Bill" Ryusaki's Hawaiian Kenpo/Kajukenbo and, with his blessing, teach and apply his concepts in a manner that is very contemporary and dynamic.  There is a blending of traditional Kenpo with modern ideas that fits the adage that Kenpo is an ever-changing art that we are excited to share with you.

We are fortunate to have the ability to do something we love and appreciate you being here and  taking an interest in our dojo.  As a thank you for coming to our web site and for taking the time to learn something about us, we want to offer you something special.  For the first 10 people who see this and contact us we will give you our throwback rate of $90 per month which includes a uniform!  If you are ready to begin your journey and become part of the Hawaiian Kenpo/Kajukenbo family, call us now at (303) 993-4512 and let us know you saw this offer on our web site!

Thanks for stopping by and we hope to see you soon!

With Respect,

The Fujii Sensei's

Owners and Instructors

Peoples Kenpo Karate Highlands Ranch

(303) 993-4512