Welcome to Peoples Kenpo Karate Highlands Ranch.  It has been a trying 2 1/2 months for everyone and now that we can slowly begin getting back to doing normal things we have re-opened the dojo three days-a-week for classes.  We continue to adhere to the State's guidelines on social distancing and are limiting our class sizes in order to remain compliant.  There are protocols in place for everyone who enters, works out on the mats and exits the dojo.  At the same time we are teaching in the dojo we stream our classes through ZOOM for those of you who want to remain at home.  There are also classes we are running in the great outdoors in parks to get into the fresh air and accommodate more students!  Through this experience we have learned to adapt to our current situation as Hawaiian Kenpo/Kajukenbo has and always will.

New students are always welcome at PKKA Highlands Ranch and to give everyone an opportunity to try our classes we are offering the following specials:

  • $69 for two months of ZOOM classes - If you are more comfortable working from your house, this is ideal for you!  You can take two classes per week over our LIVE ZOOM feed and still advance through our belt system.
  • $89 for two months of DOJO and ZOOM classes - Ready to venture out every now and then?  This rate includes two classes per week either in the dojo, through zoom or a combination of both.  It is flexible to fit your schedule!
  • Both programs can also view our on-line content available through this web site.  It is a library of our curriculum that can be accessed any time for reference, review or practice that we continue to add to.

Take a look at our schedule and get started on a life changing journey!  For any questions you can contact us here or by calling (303) 993-4512.  We look forward to talking to you!

Thanks for stopping by and we hope to see you soon!


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Peoples Kenpo Karate Highlands Ranch

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*new students only, cancellation policy in force, additional fees may apply

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Ryu Dojo Hawaiian Kenpo

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We are now running classes in the dojo three days-a-week and through ZOOM Monday through Friday!  See below for more information.


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